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Hello everyone,  

         This is Ravinder singh.  A 23 years old guy. This blog is written as to give you knowledge regarding my failure . How i fail in my young age ? Steps due to that Fail ? How you manage to stay away from that steps . 
        I cannot say that which step is best for you . This is impossible to predict but, yes you can see which steps i take and i got failed . 
       The biggest reason of failure is , thinking  goals can achieve easily. As we all know that the path towards your goals have lot of issues and we need to face lots struggle. 
      If that goals is easy than everyone can achieve. We need to see how we can do something different from others so that we can achieve our goals.
       Next , i always give-up and start thinking that i cannot do that , that place or that goal is not made for me . The biggest mistake of me , i recommend you not ti give-up easily . I know you will fail once ,twice or many time  but you don't have to give up.
      More-on , Thinking that if i couldn't achieve this goal then i will try for another. This is wrong , we need not ti think so . Always think that i can do that . Yes , i can do that. 

    Always , be confident and do the same work , with more efforts and with more knowledge . One day you will be successful , and you will one step ahead form my life . 

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